Adjustable Lounger with Arms – Black

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Adjustable Lounger with Arms Black

Sometimes you just want to have some chill time on a comfortable lounger, but not a whole couch; this is the one that you can get. It's generously padded with high resilience cushion - You can easily spend a day reading a book on this comfy spot.

A fully adjustable piece, you can get the best position you like from head to toe. Can be laid flat on the ground for an afternoon nap or made into a comfortable sitting position for reading or playing on a tablet. Added comfortableness with armrests, give you a more pleasant experience using this lounge bed. When you're finished, simply fold it and store it away.

* Great for reading or napping 
* Adjustable lounge sofa bed 
* Adjustable sections: head, neck, waist, leg, foot 
* Generously cushioned 
* Deluxe linen fabric 
* Can lay flat or adjust to sitting position 
* Easy to store 
* Chilling spot in living room or bedroom

* Material: Oxford & Linen Fabric 
* Colour: Black

Package Content
1 x Lounge Sofa Bed
1 x User Manual

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